Why does everyone who comes to visit us have to leave?

Tears this morning. She awoke remembering her grandparents would be gone, stumbled up the stairs and delivered this little chestnut: “Why does everyone who comes to visit us have to leave?”

I failed miserably with humour: If our visitors didn’t leave they would have to sleep on the pool table, in the bathtub, on the roof…

I stumbled over explanations about healthcare costs and the differences between BC and Ontario, where seniors do not pay for their medicines…

I sympathized and confessed that I miss them too…

I lied and defended that Skype would connect us just as well…

To no avail. She was not to be deterred from her sorrow.

There is nothing funny about living 4000 km from Grandma and Grandpa.

No child can grasp the inequities distributed across even our own country.

My own sadness only deepens her confusion about our choice to move west.

And Skype? Well, you can’t do this on Skype:

Baking with grandma

Or this:

But, it turns out, you can do this:

Playing Farkle with Grandma

Which should satisfy her, until she realizes what she really wants is this:

Snuggles with Grandma

We’ll miss you!

Live within limits without limiting life

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