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You are

It is not a notion.
It just is.

You are.
So, I do.

You leave.
And, I do.

You shift.
Again, I do.

You hurt.
More than ever, I do

You sigh.
I do.

You approach.
Of course, I do.

You oppose.
I still do.

You exist.
So, I do too.

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Today I wrote a poem

It happens when I least expect it
I know, such a cliché

Suddenly the events, the thoughts, the feelings, converge
And, I’m writing them

Scribbling them

Pondering them

Why would I write this
Why would I read this
Why would I
Why would I
Why would I

Without an answer, I carry on

There are twists
And reflections

There is more to say
And more to say

Today I wrote a poem
I don’t why

But what does it mean

They’re drifting
I thought they’d stay
I lose more
With each day

Half full
And my heart beats off and on

I pine and wane
This is my fate
Brought on by me

Half full
And it seems I’m losing steam

We count the like
In the face of stars
It seems so small
But my heart is theirs

Half Full
And a solo is this song

A new beginning
Brought a new end
I have to start
To start again

Half full
And myself I have to blame

All that’s new
Seems permanent
I cannot see
A return again

Half full
And life here is unknown

Late at night
Voices the same
I cannot see
A logic game

Half full
And here I must remain

They said I’d turn
It could be so
I can’t predict
What’s left to show

Half full
And so I plod along

If you see
I’m there today
Please forget
What I might say

Half full
My thoughts are wicked friends


Live within limits without limiting life

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