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Meat Eating Vegans

Notice anything different? I have a new blog! Check out the link at the top of this page, “Meat Eating Vegans.”

Meat Eating Vegans

Meat Eating Vegans

Those of you who follow me because you’re foodies, will surely find my new ramblings interesting. See you there!


My son just ate his first Junior Mint!

His face makes this cartoon character expression – eyebrows up, eyes wide, mouth open – every time he tries something he thought would be verboten. It’s the type of expression that Hollywood tries to replicate in movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Mary Poppins, but never have I seen it so genuine, so virgin, as I have seen on my son’s face when he finds out he can eat what’s on offer. Today Junior Mints earned his rapture.

Does this photo not make Junior Mints look good enough to eat?!?! Thanks Ellboy for this great shot!

That’s right, I’m blogging about what my family ate today. Before your eyes roll, before you groan about yet another mommy blog, before you spit back: “Been there, done that!” give me a chance to explain.

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