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The kitchen’s a mess

My Messy Kitchen

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On the first day of Christmas

my husband gave to me, a tree with an 8″ diameter trunk.

Noble Fir 2013

Live within limits without limiting life

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They’re delicious!

“She made it herself!” I blurt out. I am showing my sister a grove of Christmas tree cakes crafted by my daughter. I am expecting reservation, or even a look of disdain.

Sadly, I didn't have the forethought to snap a photo of the Christmas baking. So, this shot of her baking with friends at age 4 will have to do.

Sadly, I didn’t have the forethought to snap a photo of the Christmas baking. So, this shot of her baking with friends at age 4 will have to do.

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17. Christmas Tags

Happy New Year!

By now you are all turkeyed out, you’ve seen enough of your families, and if you see one more twinkly light you’re gonna scream – yes? I love packing away Christmas. I potentially love packing away Christmas more than setting it up. I’m not a scrooge, I LOVE Christmas, but there is something so satisfying about seeing empty mantles, having space in the fridge, and more than anything else, listening to anything other than Christmas music!
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Some say Santa’s a Fairy Tale…

Santa's Workshop on Grouse

She’s 7, the same age he was when he started to doubt…

“And what do you think?” I ask her.
“I think he’s real.”

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Let the Gift Negotiations Begin!

It is this season’s energy and excitement that makes Christmas my favourite holiday. Birthdays are special for an individual, but Christmas is a celebration of and for everyone, in my mind. In North America especially, Christmas has made a departure from religious control. Even *gasp* the corporate sector accommodates family time at Christmas, so non-Christians are forced to adopt this holiday as an opportunity to be at home with their nearest and dearest.

“The strain of finding the perfect Christmas present takes a toll on many.” ~ flora2000.com

I am not religious, but the story of peace and goodwill was taught to me in a Christian context. It is a story universal to all religions though, peace and goodwill, and in that sense, I believe this makes “Christmas” adaptable for non-Christians.

At the same time, sadly it has become a holiday more about consumption than generosity and kindness. Every year it is the same at our house: Dad wants to lavish, while Mom holds back.

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It’s not you, it’s me

Skiis on Grouse

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’tis the season

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