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Happy New Year!!!!!

ahem, may i speak

Live within limits without limiting life

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Why does everyone who comes to visit us have to leave?

Tears this morning. She awoke remembering her grandparents would be gone, stumbled up the stairs and delivered this little chestnut: “Why does everyone who comes to visit us have to leave?”

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So here’s the thing, sometimes girls just want to do girlie things, as some studies on newborn monkeys are starting to illustrate. I was a child of the 70s, and went to elementary school in 80s, when feminism transitioned from theory to practice.

Feminism at that time focussed on opening opportunity for women. “Anything boys can do, girls can do better!” was the triumphant call to all little girls. The fervor of the campaign was fierce. So fierce, that they not only forgot about choice and equality, but they railroaded them. Continue reading

Is the ideal public sphere fantasy…

… or art?

Yesterday I was put to the task of identifying a public sphere without constraints befitting the criteria:

1. open dialogue actively takes place
2. free from corporate market imperatives
3. free of hierarchical institution(s)
4. demographically, spatially, and temporally accessible

My initial questions are: Continue reading

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