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Houzz on Steps to Go Green

Call it a resolution, call it a 10-step program, call it whatever you want, but everything on here is not only doable (easily), but more elegant and interesting. These are not options, they are the normal:

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Let the Gift Negotiations Begin!

It is this season’s energy and excitement that makes Christmas my favourite holiday. Birthdays are special for an individual, but Christmas is a celebration of and for everyone, in my mind. In North America especially, Christmas has made a departure from religious control. Even *gasp* the corporate sector accommodates family time at Christmas, so non-Christians are forced to adopt this holiday as an opportunity to be at home with their nearest and dearest.

“The strain of finding the perfect Christmas present takes a toll on many.” ~ flora2000.com

I am not religious, but the story of peace and goodwill was taught to me in a Christian context. It is a story universal to all religions though, peace and goodwill, and in that sense, I believe this makes “Christmas” adaptable for non-Christians.

At the same time, sadly it has become a holiday more about consumption than generosity and kindness. Every year it is the same at our house: Dad wants to lavish, while Mom holds back.

The incredible pressure to SHOP!, BUY!, CONSUME! threatens my constitution (and my marriage). Continue reading

Late Night Plays’ Celebrate Mom Contest Entry

Late Night Plays’ Celebrate Mom Contest Entry

My dear sweet friend has nominated me for Dove Canada’s Celebrate Mom Contest. Her entry is eloquently written here:


Honoured to stand next to the many other inspiring moms across Canada. If the panel of judges choses Louise’s entry, the donation will go to Because I am a Girl, by Plan Canada.

Thanks Lou, you are one of few who leave me speechless.

Live within limits without limiting life

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Saw the Lorax last night

The Once-ler, that two-faced prick, sent us home feeling guilty about driving back to our single-family home. Who is he to judge anyway? There is no-one more pious about reform than an ex-abuser.


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