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18. Bus part-ay!

(Not to be confused with a “Party Bus”!)

Have a kid’s birthday coming up?

Already worrying about how to entertain them for the hours that feel like days?

Take public transit!

My daughter wanted to go skating at an outdoor rink for her sleepover birthday festivities, but the conundrum is always how to get the kids there. Even if we did own two cars, we wouldn’t have enough seats.

No problem. We walked to the end of our street and filed onto the 232.

Kneeling on the bus

Some of the kids had never been on a bus!

To kids, the bus is liberating and daring. No seatbelts. Sometimes you have to stand. You can sit by yourself or curl up next to mom.

They chatted and giggled and sat on their knees to look out. They wondered when the bus would come, how to pay the fare, and how to get off. They wanted to pull the string for our stop and they figured out how to open the back door.

Our bus trip became part of the festivities.

Taking the bus in Vancouver is convenient because it is well-connected, and it is getting easier all of the time. This year, Translink is moving toward a refillable fare card. The “Compass Card” will be a much more convenient means of paying for and validating fares, and the system automatically determines the fare rate based on where you “tap in” and “tap out.” No more guessing which fare applies and what time of day and for how many zones!

In the meanwhile, I keep passes on hand so we can hop on the bus anytime to explore our city! (Without having to hunt for change!)

HOT TIP!  Get a transfer when you board the bus. Most transit systems validate fares for 90 minutes. You might be able to get there and back on a single ticket!

Live within limits without limiting life

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Today I…

drank water from the tap

sent my kids to school

flushed paper down the toilet

wore a sweater

sat in silence

didn’t see litter

breathed fresh air

spoke on the telephone

read the news

saw a dog on a leash

edited some photos


listened to my stereo

turned on the furnace

withdrew money from my bank account

updated my Facebook status


ate raw fruit and vegetables

cleaned my house

saw snow

played with my kids

chose not to eat beans and plaintains

… but I miss Continue reading

The Art of Journey

I could say that I’m jealous, or that I wish I could just drop everything and travel the world, but I don’t think that would be completely honest.  I think when I am imagining a world tour, I am suffering symptoms of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the mountain” syndrome.  It’s a condition we all battle at some time in our lives, and typically we get over it and move on with the lives we’re living (the lives other people are probably envying!).  No, jealous is not the word.  I’d say it’s more like I am in awe, and humbled when I think of the journeys my friends dare. Continue reading

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