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All right already, stop asking!

How it happened, I’m not sure, but I’ve become something of a go to for friends seeking enviro solutions to everyday habits. Recently, my clever friend, pal, buddy, sugar momma (but not in the way you are thinking!), wrote a lovely bit about me that I’ve been pondering ever since. It occurs to me, I have some crazy ideas that just might work!

I’ll plunk them here as I think of them. I’m lazy, so this way, when “they” ask me to publish, all my wisdom will be in one place, ready for printing. Oh, and I’ll also try to post a new one each day, but I’m busy you know, saving the world, one weird trick at a time.

Well, here they are, my little tricks that help me cope with the environmentalist demands that only I can enforce – God knows I’m a task master.


Live within limits without limiting life

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