1:45 I leave work early, Tuesdays I don’t have daycare and he is in a special after-school tennis program so cannot take her home when school lets out

2:00 I board the Seabus

2:15 I board the bus

2:30 I walk home

2:50 I walk to school

3:00 his tennis lesson begins

3:05 I brace myself to catch my daughter as she runs straight for me and leaps into my arms. She is at least half my weight and nearly my height.

3:15 I push her and her two friends on the swings

3:25 I play alphabet tag with her and her friends

3:30 she arranges a double playdate for her and her brother, we wait for him to finish tennis lessons

4:05 we walk home, there are five of us

4:30 I collaborate with a colleague over email, while getting snacks, making dinner, signing forms, and reviewing homework

5:15 we are three again, it’s time to eat. We are in a hurry, he and I have to leave soon for soccer practice

5:45 she goes to her friend’s, we leave to pick up his teammate

5:55 I am waiting in the parking lot for the coach, they are happy to be out in the dark, it gets so dark so early now

6:05 I am back at home to work for another half hour, I send the last of the data for my colleague’s presentation

6:45 my ride arrives, I text our neighbour. All is well, they are just leaving for gymnastics

7:00 I arrive at choir, we are pressing to perfect 15 songs for our concert in two weeks, and we just wrapped up another set last week

7:15 he should be arriving home to let himself in, finish off his homework, and make his lunch

8:30 we break. I call him, all is well. She should just be finishing up and arriving home soon. He will remind her to make her lunch

9:15 we finish for the night, and our songs are in good shape

9:30 I arrive home to evidence they have made their lunches

9:45 I am reading to her

9:50 I am reading to him, I tell her it’s time to turn out her light

9:55 I put on my pajamas and go clean the kitchen

10:30 I get my bag ready for a full day of work tomorrow. I tell him lights out

10:45 I make my way downstairs to update our choir blog

11:00 I watch some online tv

Tuesday’s over. It’s time to sleep.

6:55 Wednesday, he’s out of bed before my alarm goes off

7:10 I stumble over him, not realizing he’s already up and dressed

7:30 he’s packed his bag and is eating cereal, I cut him a grapefruit, “Have you made your bed?”

7:40 she appears for breakfast, I hand her a bowl

7:45 he’s out the door, bass guitar in one hand, tennis racket in the other

7:55 he arrives for band

8:00 she and I are showered and getting dressed

8:15 I haven’t eaten, but she has

8:25 I start braiding the blue extension into her hair

8:30 I am looking for my gloves, she is ready to go

8:35 I grab my bag and the backpack he leaves for me to bring when his hands are full

8:45 we reach the school, she takes her brother’s backpack and we go our separate ways

9:00 I watch a bus pass in front of me, I am still thirty feet from the stop

9:15 I validate my pass and settle in to listen to my choir recordings, trying to memorize the songs, the tunes, the lyrics, the expression, and yes, even actions

9:30 I transfer

9:45 I begin my day, three hours after I woke up

For eight peaceful hours I am at work, and then it begins again.

In all of this, it is the 11-year-old who partners with me when Dad is away. It is the 8-year-old who makes her own lunch. It is the 8 and 11-year-olds making sure they have their homework done.

Those twenty-three extra times stamps more than double the entries in Tuesday’s timetable but my children not only add but also subtract from the chaos in my life. I wouldn’t give up even one of those entries, but occasionally I need a reminder.

Live within limits without limiting life

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