Psst! She may not know it but…

She inspires me to write. Psst! Thank you Louise.

She raises my faith in myself. Psst! Thank you Carolyn.

She pushes me forward. Psst! Thank you Laurel.

She protects me. Psst! Thank you Janice.

She listens and confides. Psst! Thank you Jenn.

She brings me peace. Psst! Thank you Agnes.

She brings me joy. Psst! Thank you Sharon.

She grounds me. Psst! Thank you Karina.

She teaches me to love time spent in my kitchen. Psst! Thank you Steph.

She loves me unconditionally and gives me space simply to be. Psst! Thank you Freda.

She brings the best of my past into my present and future. Psst! Thank you Nicole.

She makes me count my blessings. Psst! Thank you Lucene.

She humbles me. Psst! Thank you Janet.

She opens my mind to other ideas. Psst! Thank you Lisa.

She opens my heart to new experiences. Psst! Thank you Iris.

She quiets my mind so I can listen. Psst! Thank you Michelle.

She gives me a voice so I can sing. Psst! Thank you Bec.

She teaches me love. Psst! Thank you Tanya.

She teaches me compassion. Psst! Thank you Pam.

She works hard, then lets go. Psst! Thank you Meredythe.

She makes me laugh. Psst! Thank you Ally.

She never looks back and has no regrets. Psst! Thank you Ruth.

She shows me how to share my passion. Psst! Thank you Astrid.

She teaches me to be brave. Psst! Thank you Donna.

She lives simply as I aspire to do. Psst! Thank you Dhakshi.

She is patient and I try to be too. Psst! Thank you Heather.

She reminds me to roll with whatever life throws at me. Psst! Thank you Natalie.

She exemplifies strength. Psst! Thank you Melissa.

She is independent. Psst! Thank you Allison.

She is teaches me not to fear my own voice. Psst! Thank you Emily.

She holds my heart and it grows every time she laughs, cries, asks, screams, and even sleeps. Psst! Thank you Rhiannon.

Live within limits without limiting life

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