Some say Santa’s a Fairy Tale…

Santa's Workshop on Grouse

She’s 7, the same age he was when he started to doubt…

“And what do you think?” I ask her.
“I think he’s real.”

My heart leaps. I love Christmas, but the absolute commitment, faith, joy, excitement, pleasure she exudes during the ENTIRE month of December is unrivalled.

“Why?” I dig in.
“Because I saw him.”

This is usually the point when my husband is secretly screaming, “Why can’t you just LEAVE IT ALONE!?!?!?” but he isn’t here, so I plow on.

“I’m not sure that was the real Santa Claus.”

Santa Photo 2012

“I am.”

Safe for another year.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
Enjoy whichever way you celebrate your family and good fortune!

Live within limits without limiting life

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