There was a protest at school today…

“There was a protest at school today,” my 10-year-old began. “At recess, 200 kids started chanting: We want our playground back! We want our playground back!” It brought tears to my eyes: He knows the word PROTEST!

Recently, he and his sister also learned the word indentured. Oddly, this little lesson came from a Christmas song: 


Never in existence has there been such a RESISTANCE to ideas meant to free us…
A full INDENTURED SERVITUDE can reflect on one’s attitude…

Here’s the thing, the Elf’s Lament, while funny, is a little too close to the truth. The next time you pick up a trinket or bobble, check the label.

Every kid knows they’ll just throw this stuff away…

If it was made by some of the 800 million busy little elves in China, think about their options, and whether they have any at all.

We’re used to repetition, so we drew up a PETITION
We the undersigned feel undermined, let’s redefine “Employment”
We know that we’ve got LEVERAGE

“We’re not allowed to run on the playground,” my son continued.

Make some noise, use your imagination

So, I suggested he write down the students’ arguments and present them to the principal. God help her, he has started the list.

I make toys but I’ve got aspirations

Now for the elves who make our Apple gadgets

Live within limits without limiting life

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