Merry Propaganda!

Well, it’s that time of year and the political flyers are fluttering in, yet again. Mine reads something like: “Contact me anytime because I’m YOUR representative.”

Canada's Parliament lit up for the Holidays

Thanks Andrew Saxton, I have contacted you several times, through several means, yet

You still haven’t addressed my concerns about “my” Federal Government raping our environmental protection systems by circumventing our democratic process through repeatedly couching omnibus bills in budgets;

You are still pushing for the Northern Gateway pipeline, despite mounting evidence that Enbridge is not prepared for the unique complexities of the site and has repeatedly failed to protect the environment against and inform citizens about spills;

You are prepared to sneak in FIPA without Parliamentary discussion or public input, despite it’s sweeping override of our legal rights to defend our own resource and environmental interests.

My list is long, yet your responses are nil.

So, in honour of yet another year of anti-democratic “process,” I am reposting this gem I wrote for We Canada. Consider it upcycling of flyers that arrive at your door, despite the sign that reads “No Junk Mail!”

Anonymous Holiday Greetings

As always, my local Member of Parliament hand-delivered a greeting card to wish my family well over the holidays. This is a lovely sentiment in theory, however, that official federal seal and stamped signature remind me who he considers boss, which raises my ire. My Member of Parliament has no idea who I am….yet.

Ironically, I, along with some of my fellow citizens, have visited his office twice in the last three months to talk about a range of suggestions, such as scrapping the Omnibus Crime Bill, retiring the Tar Sands operations, addressing poverty at home and abroad, respecting Aboriginal rights, and upholding the Kyoto Protocol. The list is long (and growing), and at times it is difficult to choose which issue to focus on.

When you receive that holiday greeting card from your local Member of Parliament ‘s office, reply. Jot down a few of your own sentiments on that card, seal it in an envelope, and demand a response!

Don’t worry if you’ve already tossed his or her greeting card in the recycling bin, you can suggest New Year’s resolutions to Members of Parliament via email and you can tweet to their twitter accounts.

Everybody likes holiday greetings, so don’t forget your local Members of Parliament. They are working hard FOR YOU!

Live within limits without limiting life

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