“Worst mother ever!”

I may have earned that one this time.

My attempt to light a fire under my daughter this morning backfired. As ever, she remains indifferent about being late for school, while my son broke out in tears and fury because of the stress.  Ooops : }

I’ve tried everything from letting her be late to yelling out the time every 5 minutes, but to no avail. So, this morning, (after she had lain on the bathroom floor for a while and then flipped through her book order) I walked out the door and yelled: “Whoever’s out last, lock up!”

They caught up to me, which I knew they would, and please realize, they walk home from school by themselves, but he was stressed out and enraged! Her? She lolled up the street, as always.

Thank God for scooters!

Thank God for scooters! This is an old shot from when they were first practicing – I’m not THAT mean!

With one fleeting decision: she’s ever more indifferent and he’s ever more stressed. That’s what I call efficiency.

If only they could share his diligence and her “devil may care”…


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3 responses to ““Worst mother ever!”

  • Louise

    Okay, sounds like it’s time to have the consequence handed over to the finish line. She will have to be held accountable at the school end of things because home is “safe” and so are you. Also, the idea of having to stamp her agenda with “Your child was late today” is absolutely the MOST mortifying thing that could EVER EVER EVER happen to my oldest. Turns out they’re kindred spirits.

  • ahem_mayispeak

    Of course, he came home at lunch and apologized to me for getting angry. He’s just so lovely.

  • ahem_mayispeak

    Today, she raced me out the door – ha! Maybe it worked after all…

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