8. Push, don’t pull

or even better, you guessed it, make the kids mow the lawn!

Girl pushing rotary mower

Without even mentioning the noise
push mowers get a running start. Lawn experts will tell you that lawns are healthier when they are trimmed by reel mowers (when kept sharp!).

Manual reel mowers are significantly safer than power mowers. They stop when you stop and they blades are more like scissors than knives. A person would have to stick his/her finger between them and then manage to deliberately push the mower in order to potentially cut themselves. On top of which, the mower stops dead when it hits a stick, let alone a finger. They are safe, and kids think they’re fun. My kids have been “playing” with ours since they were toddlers, and they still love to mow the lawn.

This also links back to my point about how stupid gym memberships are. Push mowers are great for core strength and once again, tally up your wasted exercise time, and allow for a little more time mowing the lawn.

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Hot tip! You can get your reel mower sharpened at a small engine repair shop. Do not, I repeat DO NOT have some yahoo with some wet stones in the back of a second-hand van talk you into a cheap once over! You will end up with knicks out of your blades and sick grass (sick not sik, don’t confuse the two).

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Live within limits without limiting life

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2 responses to “8. Push, don’t pull

  • Louise

    We just picked up our first one a few weeks ago. Jon says it’s a fab workout. Will have to give it a try. You shoulda seen his face when I mentioned the blades weren’t covered…..I think it went something like, “Hey Kid, come over here and stick your fingers in the lawnmower so we can show Mommy how safe it is.” Wise ass.

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