4. Rotten tomatoes, bears, and freezers

I actually have a graduate degree in waste collection, yet the web of rules for separating our waste has had me confounded. Recently our “ahead-of-the-times” municipality introduced organic pick-up. I keep a composter, so the only organic waste streaming out of my house are the dredges of our prepared meals, meats, and cheeses. I need a bin about the size of a 2L milk carton. I am obliged to use these gigantic bins:


Seriously, 77 L is the smallest bin? Green bins need the most frequent cleanings, yet this is the size we are expected to manage.

Our resident bear in our driveway after brunching on our neighbour's garbage

Neighbourhood bear in our driveway after brunching on our neighbour’s garbage

Not only that, as the website repeatedly reminds us, we live among wildlife (big wildlife). By law, we have to lock up our garbage, and in the land of carports, storage comes at a premium.

This “tip” is quickly digressing into a rant… again… sorry : )

Rotting meats and cheeses are a problem, no matter how your waste is streamed, so, why not freeze them! (A tip mom gave me years ago.) Now that we have organic waste pickup, we can’t just freeze them in an old bread bag (in case you have been asleep for the last 40 years, we have discovered that plastic does not in fact break down).

Kitchen catcher in the freezer

Yes, I know mom, I need to defrost my freezer
(Pretty good eye roll emoticon, yes?)

Soooooooo, now we keep our “kitchen catcher” in our deep freezer.

The night before waste pickup, we drop that frozen mini clump into the echo chamber that is our curbside bin, and voilà, we have evaded the bears and maggots and legal infractions, but done our part to save the world one rotten tomato at a time!

HOT TIP! Line the bottom of you curbside bin with scrunched up newspaper or yard waste to put some distance between the goopy organics and the bottom. Although, depending on the time of pick up, your frozen organics may stay goop free – double bonus!

Read more tips, that just might work, here.

Live within limits without limiting life

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