3. Kids in the candy store

Yes, I can make even that a mission to save the world! When I started writing these, I didn’t promise it would be easy. In fact, I think that’s one of the major downfalls of the enviro-sell; people want a magic bullet and environmentalists want to promise anything to get you on board.

Don’t lynch me envirofriends. I’m not saying you are lying or wrong, not even close. You’re absolutely right on, it’s just that without our deeply committed tolerance, people don’t have the patience for the steps we take, now matter how quick and easy you promise they are.

Back to the matter at hand. As if the candy/chocolate/chips, treats in general, aren’t enough of a gift, producers have to deck the yummies out in shiny colours that enrapture kids’ eyes as much as their taste buds?

The holy grail of candy: Hallowe'en

The holy grail of candy: Hallowe’en

I have a rule, which I’m certain Dad doesn’t enforce (coward), that they must consider packaging in their treat du jour. It makes for long, thoughtful choosing, which can be painful at times, but they are now thinking about packaging and have been heard to gasp upon seeing over-packaged goods. Yes, I do imagine the conversations they’ll have with their therapists… often.

That specific candy isn’t changing their world, but the consideration is changing their worldview.

HOT TIP! Dentists are more concerned about the frequency and time teeth spend eating candy, than they are about the amount. Try limiting them to once in a day and for a set period rather than limiting the amount. If you’re really a hardcore enforcer, make them brush/floss/rinse afterward.

Read more tips, that just might work, here.

Live within limits without limiting life

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4 responses to “3. Kids in the candy store

  • Louise

    Props for the dental tip, my wise friend xo

  • ahem_mayispeak

    Well, from whence do you think it came, that wisdom?

    • Xanthe Vallentin

      Like the dental tip too. Every Halloween in our house we set up a store and let the boys sell us back their candy (as much or as little as they want). Gum is always worth the most (because it grosses me out when my kids chew like crazy) – about a quarter and every other type of candy has a set value that we have all agreed on. We pay them for their goods and then we head off to the local bookstore. The candy then leaves our house to all the lucky sugar addicts in my hubbie’s office. Not going to solve the over packaging issue but it really helps reduce the sugar crashes!

  • ahem_mayispeak

    Xanthe, great idea! Hallowe’en packaging is par for the course. It’s about compromise: culture, environment, health.

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