Saw the Lorax last night

The Once-ler, that two-faced prick, sent us home feeling guilty about driving back to our single-family home. Who is he to judge anyway? There is no-one more pious about reform than an ex-abuser.

His choice of sponsors is appalling – a car manufacturer?

And what about the production process of the film? As far as I can tell, Hollywood just keeps on “biggering and biggering” with little regard for any “green” messages that might be in their films. “The medium is the message,” said Mcluhan, and flicks like Avatar and the Lorax are premium examples.

Tell me, did Mr. Cameron conjure up his $200+ million (possibly $280 mill – what!)  fantasyland by communing with the Tree of Life? What’s that you say? He tried, but Hollywood knocked it down while being built on top of paradise? Sucks to be him. Oh wait, Earth picked up the tab.

Good thing we still have the resources of the Global South to draw on for our important statements about environmental and social justice.

Do you know what else irritated me? The blinking truffula trees.

It’s the final scene; the “camera” pans across the landscape and new truffula buds of hope are pushing up through the hard, nutrient-depleted soil, and suddenly the tree trunks light up. “Cool!” my kids blurt out.

COME ON! At least let me pretend they get the message, despite your production tricks.

Once-ler, that friendship with the Lorax that you dreamt up? Imaginary. It’s the same “friendship” England set up with India; Spain set up with Central America; China set up with Taiwan.

Keep pretending that the Lorax would pick himself up by the seat of his pants and sail back down from the heavens to live in harmony with our “greening” society, but face it, given the chance, you’d do it all over again. You would just rebrand it and ship your destruction offshore.

Mr. Geisel is rolling in his grave.

Now, what to do about our house and car?

Live within limits without limiting life

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