Today I…

drank water from the tap

sent my kids to school

flushed paper down the toilet

wore a sweater

sat in silence

didn’t see litter

breathed fresh air

spoke on the telephone

read the news

saw a dog on a leash

edited some photos


listened to my stereo

turned on the furnace

withdrew money from my bank account

updated my Facebook status


ate raw fruit and vegetables

cleaned my house

saw snow

played with my kids

chose not to eat beans and plaintains

… but I miss

hearing the howler monkeys

the Caribbean sunrise

market bartering

exploring ancient Mayan ruins

testing my Spanish

latin rhythms

seeing branchers carrying their loads on their heads

fiercely tenacious people

children driven to learn in their spare time

lush foliage

hibiscus juice

morning wake up calls from exotic birds

warm smiles

bright textiles

beans and plaintains

How lucky and unlucky I am to be home from Guatemala.

Live within limits without limiting life

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