Why wordpress.com?

As with every big decision, I googled “best blog sites.”  Google‘s first suggestion was from the answers.com forum, which is seldom my “go to” for advice.  Maybe I’m old school, but I need a reputation standing behind someone’s opinion, and open forum chats do not give me that kind of assurance.

Second on the list was an article on blogtap.net, a blog about blogging, blogged by a blogger named Chris.  “The best blogging sites and platforms | Top Blog Sites” adopts the timeless tradition of top ten lists, and summarizes the best to the least best in 250 words or less.  After all, a list of ten options and a limit of 250 words are critical aspects in the categorization process.

Chris’s top blogsite is WordPress because “As far as theme and plugin selection, flexibility and support goes — WordPress trumps all.”  “Huh.” I thought, “Apparently my sister was right.”  The following choices suddenly dropped off of my radar, but I read on.

Next best blogsite, according to Chris, is Google Blogger.  As a gmail account holder, one might think I would jump at the chance to connect all of my sites into one, but Google has their hands in a lot of pots these days, and sometimes I feel like they own my entire online life.  It is time to diversify.

A jump down to the bottom of the list, introduced me to sites like tripod and squarespace, whose best assets are being “user friendly.”  In part, when I read descriptions that include “user friendly,” I assume the site is inflexible.  Besides, I want to test out my newly html muscle!

I balked at tripod because it is offered by yet another search engine, lycos.com.  Paradoxically, I also balked at squarespace because I don’t recognize the company.  Perhaps my choice is just random.

The one other blog host that caught my attention was LiveJournal because of it’s unique social networking feature.  However, the site is funded by advertisements, which I fear would be problematic.  One of my first blogs is about “Slutwalk,” and I can just imagine the type of advertisements that would show up alongside my critique!  Besides, twitter.com is a simple tool that I can add to WordPress, which keeps my social networking in one spot.

I am now following blogtap on twitter, because Chris seems pretty smart, and he posts relevant tips and news articles for bloggers.

Tread lightly,

Speak Write Change

Live within limits without limiting life


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