Top Twelve Signs You Are Driving a Vehicle that Is Unjustifiably Large!

Hummer H1 Alpha

Image via Wikipedia

  1. It sounds as though you host Santa photos every Christmas (Esplanade).
  2. You are re-living the glory days of Spain’s 16c. reign in Europe (Armada).
  3. By-standers wonder where the others are (Entourage).
  4. It promises more than just transportation (Hummer).
  5. The name is synonymous with severe weather (Torrent).
  6. It is named after a Canadian Territory (Yukon).
  7. It is named after one of the largest lakes in the United States (Tahoe).
  8. It implies you have hired a Shirpa to escort you on your trek through the city (Expedition).
  9. The first word it brings to mind is sprawl (Suburban).
  10. Its name is the root of a component in smog (Nitro).
  11. It is associated with celestial cycles (Equinox).
  12. The name speaks for itself (Infiniti).

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